Artist: PixulStudio

This devlog is a quite a bit late since I wanted to pack all of our work for our demo we showed off at the ifest convention into a single devlog. We added a lot of new content, and started figuring out the workflows related to level and enemy design.

New Content

Ice Wall Spell

The ice wall spell summons a temporary wall of ice, useful for blocking enemies and perhaps getting to high ledges.

Hanging Potions

Shootable potions can be hung from the ceiling, and can be shot at to cause its contents to fall to the ground. I also added explosive ones that explode when they hit the ground, and poison ones that cause a poison fog to appear for a while. I’m also thinking how amazing it would be if the player could purchase a hanging potion, then throw it, causing it to hang on whatever surface it hits. The player could then shoot it whenever they wish.

Stone Walker

The stone walker is a simple enemy, but they are dangerous in groups. They walk around, and once they see an enemy, they will charge up their shot and shoot a fast bolt of energy. The key is that charge up: they can only aim so quickly. This means dodging requires waiting for the charge and moving out of the way.

Stone Fox + Awoken Fox

A simple fox reskin turned dangerous! This monster is extremely fast, paired with high damage.

Guardian Brawler + Guardian Destroyer

By far the coolest enemy so far, the guardian brawler is a high level enemy due to its speed, attacks, and damage. The brawler can shoot two forms of energy, has a quick undercut attack, and a deadly swing.

Southern Dwarven Temple

The setting for the demo is a temple on a small island off the coast of Southern Ardenfall. The temple is packed full of dangerous characters, as well as valuable loot. This will be a high-level location in the game, but was modified for the demo.

Character Selection Screen (Demo)

I wanted to build a simple character selection screen for the Demo, since the demo was designed for pre-created characters, instead of having the player create their own. I ended up being quite happy with it!


With dungeons, comes ambience. New music, ambient sound effects, (distant drums, rocks falling, echos, dripping water) and more are all used, along side a heavy dose of reverb.

The same can be said for the lighting – I am personally a huge advocate of colored lighting, ever since I saw my first red-colored lamp in morrowind. Alongside the low poly graphics, the results can be stunning.

The Future

In a few days, the demo will be shown at iFest Seattle. This demo has of course been the focus of this past month, and after this we’ll be set free to do new things:

New Characters

Soon I plan on finally implementing the new character models / rigs. This will be a big deal, and mean a complete remodel of all clothing and armor. This will also mean the introduction to faces!

Third Person Combat

One major change we’re thinking of implementing is how the core of combat functions. Currently the combat is very “Bethesda-esc”, aka simple combat in both first and third person. However, this may change in the future: we may end up making combat always in third person, then have the view switch back to first person after the battle is complete. In a future post I plan on going into more detail why we’re making this change. More on that later!

New Animation System

Another major change in the coming months will be a complete redesign of the animation system from scratch. This will give us a huge amount of new power relating to how weapon animations work, as well as more control over the body. For example, currently a sword animation only controls the upper body. This results in a swing not moving the lower body, which is incredibly unnatural! In real life, swinging a sword requires one to brace one’s entire body, and use it as a counter weight. Or something like that. I’m no animator. :^)

Well, that is that. I hope you enjoyed this devlog! As usually, be sure to join our Discord, and follow our Twitter.