Before we go into the patch notes, we just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who tested our softlaunched demo! We got SO much amazing feedback, and tried to apply the most common feedback into the upcoming patch. It’s been a blast interacting with the community, and we very much looking forward to growing it further!

This patch will require new saves due to all of the changes to quests.

New Features:

  • Better Melee Animations: Now your weapon won’t repeat the same swing animation over and over again
  • Input Remapping: You can now remap inputs to whatever keys you desire
  • Steam Achievements: We added a handful of steam achievements! Try to unlock them all :)
  • New Quests: Two new quests, Amphibious Ambassador and Frogs of War


  • Streamlined every quest
  • Added bounty system
  • Added “active quest” feature
  • Added spore weather
  • Replaced multiple equippable lockpicks with a single lockpick
  • Made pressing shift when sneaking make player exit sneaking
  • Added dialog speed+sound options
  • Added military time option
  • Improved Teleporting Kimashi AI
  • Improved stat bars in inventory screen
  • Made stolen items marked as such
  • Improved NPC companion following
  • Optimized character mesh generation
  • Optimized world loading
  • Added stilted shoes

Major Fixes:

  • Fixed some items/containers not being marked as owned
  • Fixed camera rotating incorrectly when switching between viewmodes or swimming
  • Fixed npc’s not detecting when player steals items from containers
  • Fixed Niko head spawning multiple times


  • Fixed illegal text color on interactables
  • Fixed menu’s being openable when in pause or options menu
  • Fixed older sand elf player choice being karu elf race
  • Fixed npcs not looking at player when interacting with AI interactables
  • Fixed shop interactable using incorrect headlook mode
  • Fixed dialog text animation skipping
  • Fixed npc’s facial morphs being beyond boundaries sometimes
  • Fixed npc’s blinking, expressions, and lipsync not working
  • Fixed sleeping npc’s AI
  • Fixed tame yanaki attacking garkai enemies
  • Fixed enchanted armor turning pink on dead characters once ragdoll sleeps
  • Fixed npcs not casting ice-spike and related spells
  • Fixed loading dead niko body breaking animation
  • Fixed objective markers not clearing when phase or quest is ended
  • Fixed water splash sound not playing
  • Fixed clothing not hiding underneath armor sometimes
  • Fixed some hair not getting cut when wearing hats
  • Fixed throwing items and arrows having high enchantment costs
  • Fixed armor stat column in UI not being correct when not meeting stat requirement
  • Fixed world time not correctly updating


  • Balanced humanoid npc combat
  • Increased damage on melee weapons
  • Balanced stamina
  • Balanced heavy armor
  • Balanced high level monsters being too powerful
  • Changed great axe charge attack to knockback
  • Made player leveling/combat power progress faster
  • Balanced magic mana usage
  • Balanced summoning magic
  • Lowered gold costs for spells and potions
  • Reduced strength of knockback enchantment

Thank you again to all the testers, and I hope you enjoy this official demo version! We put a TON of work into this patch, and hope you enjoy the changes. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it! The best place to give it is our discord here!