The second patch for the Ardenfall Demo is here – consisting of some MAJOR save related fixes, plus a few minor features and tons of smaller fixes.

Download the Demo Here!



  • Added Inn system: sleep at the inn and skip the night!
  • Made several fungi pickable, added new consumables


  • Improved heavy weapon animations and combat feel
  • Improved dagger combat
  • Improved Dozaru animations
  • Improved Darvaki animations
  • Improved Inn level design
  • Improved southern forest level design
  • Added more spawn points
  • Improved Sheru Tombs entrance
  • Made inventory and gold changes show up in UI
  • Made NPC merchants, inn keepers, and quest NPC’s show relevant icon on lookat
  • Improved faction relationship UI
  • Added traits to in-game character sheet
  • Added simple quickslot visual to player inventory screen
  • Added “Open Log Files” button to options menu
  • Added many more icons to dialog

Major Fixes:

  • Fixed character name, faction relationships, and certain attributes + skills not saving
  • Fixed locked chest becoming non-interactable after saving


  • Fixed movement stutter
  • Fixed “faction popup” appearing when it shouldn’t (Regression in 0.6.4)
  • Reduced volume of stone footstep sounds
  • Fixed Outlaws not attacking the player
  • Fixed silvanite chestplace not hiding arms
  • Fixed dark steel greatsword offset
  • Removed character bone scaling temporarily, fixing various animation offset issues
  • Fixed some pickables having “Pick {0}” in name
  • Fixed Darvaki “Saluting”
  • Removed player “flinching”, fixing issues with weapon being misaligned
  • Fixed sheranu hut interiors not applying interior ambient filter
  • Fixed barefeet not playing object footstep sounds
  • Fixed character name not having limit
  • Removed confusing “Equip” option from item pickups
  • Renamed “Loot” option to “Open” for dead bodies to be consistent with containers
  • Fixed “health delta” UI not working sometimes
  • Fixed a soft lock in Yanaki quest
  • Fixed outline sticking around on pickable plants


  • Increased money gained from selling items
  • Made merchants refill gold and money every day
  • Made plants pickable every day
  • Heavily increased chance of arrows appearing in containers