A new version has landed! This update comes with a few features and fixes ported from the Official Release we are hard at work on. We also balanced a few key areas, bringing it closer to what it would be in the Official Release.


  • Made discovered locations appear in map
  • Added reputation UI to dialog menu
  • Added tips to loading screen
  • Added mouse invert options


  • Redesigned “The Yanaki with the Red Ribbon” quest
  • Added dialog to the Mages Guild salespeople
  • Redesigned HUD Messages and SFX
  • Improved tooltip UI
  • Added compass rose to map
  • Improved npc spellcasting AI


  • Doubled the length of time monsters take to respawn
  • Reduced chance to find weapons and armor in containers
  • Increased XP requirements for higher levels
  • Increased reputation gain in various quests
  • Increased negative reputation required to trigger an npc attack


  • Fixed expression animator not working for npcs
  • Fixed NPC’s not detecting you the first time you hit them
  • Fixed map interaction detecting clicks outside of map ui
  • Fixed NPC not leaving melee attack mode once entering
  • Fixed Tensi Gama following player sometimes
  • Fixed Sappers not completing correctly after triggering fight
  • Fixed duplicate items being ordered randomly
  • Fixed creation menu not updating age correctly
  • Fixed reputation messages not appearing in some circumstances
  • Fixed dead bodies not loading correctly in some instances


  • Removed “On effect” for Rhia, was causing issues
  • Moved Dento nearer to dungeon exit
  • Added some rocks in the middle of the road right to the dungeon exit to stop players from thinking that’s the correct direction
  • Tweaked creation menu to be a bit less ugly
  • Made initial faction message not appear on character create
  • Made default graphics level Ultra
  • Removed light quality
  • Fixed search node type not showing individual node results