A new update has landed for Ardenfall’s Demo! The most interesting addition is Retro Mode, which adds a nostalgic look to the game. Many various fixes and improvements have been added as well!


  • Added retro mode


  • Reduced stuttery camera
  • Fixed stealing achievement not triggering correctly sometimes
  • Fixed damage voice not triggering when getting positional damage
  • Removed grain quest reference
  • Fixed various typos
  • Fixed many npc’s not having assigned homes
  • Corrected Dento Ekiro dialog that made ‘Where is the sheru tombs’ dialog not show
  • Fixed Sappers quest peaceful resolution dialog showing up early


  • Made hollow horns not count as kills in Sheru Tombs quest
  • Removed the weight UI from the trade menu
  • Decreased respawn rate of random spawners
  • Removed a few more hidden monsters from the Sheru Tombs
  • Added flinch animation to Hollowhorn
  • Improved projectile for Hollowhorn
  • Brightened up the starting dungeon
  • Made camera shake when damaged by effects such as fire
  • Made the innkeeper stay at the inn all day and night due to Ardenfall’s lacking union regulations
  • Added saves folder button to options
  • Typo fixes
  • Made some dialog more consistent
  • Added minor auto exposure