A new (small) update has landed for Ardenfall’s Demo! The main feature being added is autosaving – no more losing progress if you forget to save, woohoo! It also brings a handful of fixes and quality of life additions.


  • Autosaving!


  • Fixed weapons sometimes not appearing when equipping
  • Fixed lockpick chance percentage ui being incorrect
  • Fixed some game settings not saving correctly
  • Fixed time not loading correctly in some circumstances


  • Added photo mode button to pause menu
  • Made autosave + quicksave backups visible in load menu
  • Made quicksaving allowed when moving and in air
  • Reduced enemies in starting dungeon
  • Renamed “military time” setting to “24 hour time”
  • Renamed “Freecam” keybind to “Photo Mode”
  • Added option to ask about the living tunnels from Tensi Gama