A hotfix has landed, fixing several common issues.


  • Fixed feed dead breaking if summon despawns sometimes
  • Fixed summons not dying sometimes
  • Fixed summons giving XP
  • Fixed killing self giving XP
  • Fixed purchasing yanaki causing money to be added
  • Fixed light render distance in dungeons being too low
  • Fixed incorrect text when lockpicking
  • Fixed favorite key not being rebounded
  • Fixed darvaki being killed not correctly ending quest
  • Fixed some locations in garkai having non owned items
  • Fixed npc not correctly detecting picking up items
  • Fixed Hori Tsuki selling enchanted items


  • Added option to stop yanaki from following player
  • Added important option to pet the yanaki
  • Removed eye shrinking option for npcs
  • Made locks show chance of success
  • Added links to main menu
  • Added Karu Pocket Dictionary