Ardenfall is a open-ended first-person RPG where you decide where to go, what to do, and how to do it. Become a thief of the night, a hero in shining glory, a puppeteer of politics… become a master of magic, or a powerful warrior. Explore a deep and alien world, talk to townsfolk, learn of the culture and the people who live in this fantasy world. Whatever path you choose, it is your own.

Meet the Developers

Ardenfall is being developed by Spellcast Studios, a small indie team centered in Seattle, Washington. Many of us are currently college students, and develop the project on the side while studying and working.

Some of the team at a conference :)

Joshua Steinhauer
Project Lead / Programmer

Darriel Diano
Lead Concept Artist
Art Station

Toshiaki Yamamura
Lead Modeler
Art Station

Jarrid Kamphenkel
Narrative Lead

Michael Shephard
Narrative Writer
Art Station

Issis Estrada
Concept Artist
Art Station

Loran Telo

 Brandon Khan
3D Modeler
Art Station

Concept Artist
Art Station

James Gee

We’re looking for Members!

We’re currently keeping our eyes peeled for new members, especially modelers, concept artists, and level designers. If you’re interested in joining our tight-knit team of developers, then please fill out An Application!


Two games are the most prevalent inspirations for Ardenfall: Morrowind, and Fallout New Vegas. From Morrowind, the feeling of the vastness and seemingly endless depth to the cultures and lore of the world, as well as the alien landscape. New Vegas also has a believable world, but also has incredibly fascinating characters and stories, as well as an incredible classic-feeling rpg system. These components are fascinating to us, and Ardenfall’s main concepts and design are very much attuned to the likes of these two games. However, we are determined to stay unique as well, looking at each feature and redesign it to fit the fundamentals of the game, while also being realistic for such a small team to pull off.

Trailer Concept for the project

Follow Development

We have a Discord server, where we post the newest information, as well as answer any questions you may have. We also post regularly to Twitter. You can also check out our Gallery!